We are committed to producing the greatest value at the most reasonable cost for our clients. Our aim is to transform the consultant-client relationship into a true partnership, with every step a collaboration from start to finish.

What We Bring to the Table

Our strengths are evident in the help that clients ask of us. We bring clear thinking, honest answers, and effective communications to the issues we tackle. We strive for informed consensus in the course of setting goals and priorities, and involve clients in interpreting the information and insights that we develop. We design, facilitate, and document substantive retreats and brainstorming sessions. Our strategic plans are working roadmaps into the future, complete with benchmarks and performance measures. And we work with clients to make their strongest possible case for philanthropic investment.

Building on a Strong Foundation

Thirty years of working with a wide range of organizations in all kinds of circumstances has shaped our approach to every assignment. Above all, it has taught us to listen and to ask the right questions. We start with as much consensus as possible about what is needed and known, and expand the circle of stakeholders as our shared understanding grows deeper and more focused. Whether we are drafting case statements, agreeing on the desired outcomes of a convening, or creating the framework for a new strategic plan, at each stage, we strive for an honest and productive client-consultant partnership that ensures success in the end.

Follow-up Is Follow-through

Virtually all of our business comes through referrals from satisfied clients, and we aim to keep it that way. That’s why every assignment includes an option for a follow-up session during the year after our work is done, for no additional fee.

We Wrote the Book on Meetings

All meetings are pointless until they have a clear purpose, an effective structure for realizing that purpose, and outcomes that translate into intelligent practice. Making the most of opportunities to meet, and knowing when and with whom meetings should occur, is essential for developing informed consensus. Check out Bill Keens’ highly readable guide to effective meeting management, called Herding Cats and Cougars: How to Survive the Meeting You Are Running while Mastering the Art of Facilitation (available through Amazon and other online booksellers).

Talk to Us

Is this the right relationship for you? Talk to us – there’s no charge – and let’s come to the answer together.

Keens, Mandeles & You, where every client is a partner.