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Welcome to the Keens, Mandeles & You blog.  We hope you will come back often, read, comment and ask questions.  We want to share what we have learned over many years of working with nonprofit organizations and to learn from you as well.  Where Every Client Is a Partner is more than a slogan.  We are interested in reciprocal relationships with our clients, meaning we challenge each other with new ideas,  information, and insights; and we don’t settle for platitudes and conventional wisdom.  We search for the simple truths behind complicated matters that will guide us and keep us on track.

At a music workshop I facilitated some months ago, composers were talking about their work.  When asked what he strives for in composition, one of the composers had a simple but perhaps brilliant answer: “It should sound good and not be boring.”  On these pages, we will try to be informative, thought provoking, useful, and not boring.

You may already have seen The Principles We Live By elsewhere on our website, but they pretty much sum up what we are about, so here they are again:

  • There are no useful answers if you don’t ask the right questions. We push our clients to dig deep and identify the essential factors to explore and discuss.
  • Organizational missions and visions cannot be picked out of thin air – they arise from a careful consideration of an organization’s role and value in society, and of the evolution of the operating environment.
  • Even in this age of electronic interaction, the synergistic potential of a physical gathering of smart, committed people is critical to organizational progress.
  • Smart people are busy – never waste their time.
  • Good writing is essential – the world cannot be described by bullet points alone.